Due to the ongoing rising costs of raw materials for our Dog Food and the associated costs involved, including packaging, delivery and fuel / energy costs, we have no option but to increase the cost of our Dog Food range with immediate effect. We would like to thank our valued customers for their understanding and continued support.

Moving forward we will also be reducing our Bag Size Range and will NO longer be supplying 15kg Bags.


Affordable premium grain free food suitable for all dog breeds. Our dog food is Hypoallergenic & Natural Nutritious


Carson’s Premium is a family run business based in Lanarkshire, Scotland that specialize in delivering premium dog food at affordable prices.

We understand that feeding your beloved dog poor quality food can lead to health, dietary and behavioral problems. Like people, dogs need a balanced and nutritious diet to live a happy, healthy and active life.

The health, fitness and happiness of your dog depends on the food you choose to feed it. Our range is made from high quality, natural ingredients that are nutritious and energy rich which helps keep your dog in optimum health and is suitable for all breeds, sizes and life stages.

Our dog food is:-

•  Grain Free

•  Hypoallergenic

•  All Natural Ingredients

•  Wheat & Gluten Free

•  High Meat Content

•  Naturally Nutritious

•  Suitable For Sensitive Dogs

•  Made In The UK


Value For Money

Natural Nutritious

Suitable For All Breeds

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Our range of Carsons Premium grain free dry dog food specialises in natural healthy nutrition for your dog.